Thursday, February 23, 2012

Becks do NOT like goodbyes...

The last couple days Zach and I have been in Morgan Hill visiting my "aunt" Sandee and my "uncle" Earl, they are just about the best most real people you will ever meet. I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time, for everyone who knows my uncle Earl his laughter is extremely contagious. I tell them everytime I go to their house that I love that it has never changed, they still have the same wall hanging things on their walls from when I was little. Zach and I realized that I turn into a child and melt everytime we are getting to their house hoping that I might hear the chiming of the ice cream man that I used to patiently wait for by the door when I was little, I get so happy that the same little doughnut/ burger place(yes they are a weird combo but hey who doesn't love burgers and doughnuts?)is still there! And my favorite memory is being able to go to breakfast with uncle Earl every morning! Yes he goes to breakfast every morning like clock work. 8 am and he is there. I could not wait to share all these memories with Zach. He had the best time, and they totally and completely stole his heart and now they are his aunt and uncle too. This morning when uncle Earl took Zach and I to breakfast at his usual hang out the lady asked him are those your grand kids? I heard him reply yes they are. It made me melt inside. They aren't my real aunt and uncle they are my grandmas best friends, he doesn't have to claim me but he does, I feel completely blessed. Leaving today was so hard for some reason,for the first time leaving there I started to tear up as we pulled away, I just love them so much and my time with them is so special. I hate goodbyes, I get this from my dad. But I know it's never goodbye it's just an ill see ya later! Missing them already and only a half hour down the road.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just Shootin.

For the last couple of days Zach has been working out on his families ranch doing a little remodel for the renters. I took him and Kaj some lunch yesterday and  met my dad out there with the kids and Meghan. We had fun shooting guns out on the property! Even Max and Ella wanted a try!