Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Craz

I was thinking of what I could do for Zach for Easter, we will go to breakfast in the morning then head to church, after I have to go to work! Ehhh Not exactly thrilled. But I wanted to leave Zach with a fun little surprise while I was working.. Zach always talks about what his mom did for him when he was little so I brainstormed a little and came up with this little fun thing to do for him! We decided we are not spending much on Easter baskets this year so I went to the dollar tree and bought a basket, went to Walmart and bought most of the stuff for the inside! I decided to buy him his faves and to try to not spend more then $25. His Mom, AKA the Easter bunny, would hide their baskets around the house and they would have to find them, so in the morning I will leave him with this note... 

Since we don't like candy sitting around our house forever I stuffed the eggs with warm fuzzies! Things that tell him why I love him.. 

Then I stuffed the eggs and I will hide them around the house tonight or tomorrow morning! 

This is his $25 basket! Not too shabby, There was another cigar but he got it early! 

He will be excited to find his basket and all the eggs, because lets be honest every grown man has a child inside! I am so excited to watch him hunt his eggs! I just thought I would share this fun idea with all my friends who were thinking of a last minute thing for Easter! Hope this makes you brainstorm! Hoppy Easter! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

My fire guy!

As of March 6th, Zach has accepted a full time position with Atascadero City Fire Department. This is such an amazing opportunity and he has worked so hard to be where he is.. Lets start with every "vacation" or "get away" we go on is normally based around a test, interview or a physical agility test up and down California. He has worked really hard to be the President of the entire Atascadero association and has volunteered many hours to fundraisers or just being a helping hand with anything. His heart has always been set on the Atascadero Department, for obvious reason, we live here, he started his fire career in this department, our families are here, when we have kids we want to raise them here, its the perfect place to live, etc.. This list could go on forever... Basically, we did NOT want to move! We are so completely thrilled with this opportunity, it still feels completely unreal!  What I would like to just say is Zach, you did it! You are such an amazing person and you deserve this more then anyone in the world, and anyone who knows you, knows that.. This is your dream and now we are living it! I am so excited for you and what our future has in store for us. Soak it up honey because these are the best days of our lives! I love you for always and you make me proud everyday!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Dear Maxwell and Ella..

Maxwell and Ella, This year you are FOUR, and I cannot believe how amazingly fast you are growing up. You both crack me up with your crazy words or the sarcastic things you say that you don't even understand is funny.
Bubs. Monkers. My lovebug,
You are one special little boy, You are so smart and caring. You make me laugh with all the funny things you say and ask.. You are feisty like Daddy and I, and I secretly love it. You beat up on Zach and then run and scream when he chases you back, I love  that.  You are so handsome just like Dad and Michael. You always make me smile when I say "I love you bubba" and you exhale loudly and roll your eyes "I LOVE YOU TOOOO MAE MI!" like this is a stated fact that I should just know and never question.. I love you so much little brother.. I couldn't imagine life without you.

Veets. Stinkers. Smells,
You are the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. You make me laugh with your diva sunglasses or your extravagant jewelry. SOMETIMES you let me snuggle you in your bed, but eventually you tell me I have my own room and to go there.. You are so intelligent and you have such a kind heart. You are constantly wanting to tell me things or ask "why?" when you don't understand.. I love you so much, You are the light of my life.

May your fourth year of life bring you many juice boxes, yummy peanut butter sandwiches and lots of laughs at the park... I love you both beyond the stars and I can't wait to see you grow up into amazing adults.