Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Big" Meghan

Happy birthday to the best step mom friend a girl could have.. Meghan Elaine you are one of the best people I know and I strive to someday be such an amazing mother like you are. Although you are a step mother (yes step MOTHER, big wart on the nose and all) you have taught me things in life that make me believe that God had put you in our lives for a reason. I am so lucky to have such a great relationship with you. Thank you for always being a friend, being so open, loving and helping me through so much I have gone through. Your unconditional love and support for everything I do is incredible and you make my Dad the man he is. You have a beautiful heart and I could not imagine my life with out you in it. I love you. Happy birthday.

My awesome Mom planned a fun wine tasting trip for my step Mom's birthday! (yes my mom and step mom are close and its awesome!) Here are some fun pictures from the trip..

Now here are a few snap shots that I love..