Friday, January 27, 2012

So.... patriotic?

Today I saw a news reading that a local soldier is coming home, all I can think is THANK YOU GOD FOR BRINGING ANOTHER SOLDIER HOME SAFE!! I have a some what of a soft spot REALLY BIG soft spot for things like this, I think it might just be that I could never imagine not seeing my Dad for months at a time. For those of you who know me, know that I am a total Daddy's girl. I get teary eyed when ever I see Dads, Moms, Wives, Husbands, Sons, Daughters, ANYONE coming home or watch any videos that have to do with coming home. ( I bawled through the whole movie "Brothers") I work around military all day long, they stay at the hotel and I get to serve them breakfast and when they say thank you I think NO thank YOU for letting me live in the land of the free. Thank YOU for being away from your family for so long so I can rest in peace with mine at night. Thank YOU for letting me get to do what ever I want while your being ordered around.. So I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the men and women who fight for this country and their wives, husbands and kids.. and I wanted to share a video that yes, I bawl when I watch it, and a music video of a song I love. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Projects on cold days.

Today I had a project set in with a wine cabinet that my Mom decided to give us, and a dresser that Zach's Dad gave us. I had a some what of a vision of what I wanted to do and THANKFULLY my aunt is totally artistic, and came over today to help me an hour and a half later BOOM it was done! She is so awesome (Thank you Aunt Tanya!)  so here are some before and after pictures of our ugly wine cabinet and ugly dresser!  

Obviously before

... And after. 

Friday, January 20, 2012


So, Since it is recent that I have moved out into an actual house and out of my studio we needed a couch! I have been stalking craigslist and so has my mom for couches. I found a few I liked from the same dealer so we went and looked at them and spent about an hour in the warehouse looking at all the different things they had (but of course we were on a budget). 460$ later we found an awesome couch! Thank you to the best boyfriend ever, it is now ours!!! I will post pictures later, the only bummer we dont get it for 10 days!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Here in the sticks.

Today I realized that I have not seen my family often. Everyday I have about 4 missed calls with at least 3 voicemails and 7 notifications on Facebook from people in my family, and although I have my phone practically glued to my hand I never get around to calling them back! So I decided it is time to make a blog, So I can blog about what is going on in my life and keep them all updated on my life and of course Zach (my boyfriend) and Kaiah's (our dog) lives as well. We have been working like fools getting our new house put together, did I mention we are in the middle of moving?, so it has been crazy around here and THANKFULLY my dad has been over to help with construction, because we all know Zach is good at what he does but is clueless when it comes to construction (sorry babe!). Or maybe its just  no one does things like your dad does? I dont know. But I have cleaned a million times it seems like and done 50 loads of laundry and there are still a million things to do! On top of it I have been baking like a crazy person (something that really relaxes me in times of stress, and I AM STRESSSED!) My awesome parents got me all the baking goodies when I moved conveniently around christmas time! My brand new kitchenaide has been worked to the bone, cookies, peanut butter brownies, all the favorites around here!