Monday, May 27, 2013

What would this world be..

I went to my local McDonalds and was watching as this homeless war vet was sitting out front telling people "Happy Memorial day" as they would pass by with their noses in the air and that how dare you think ill make eye contact with you look on their faces. (Disgusting, I know) He had a sign next to him that read "Homeless war vet, anything helps" It instantly made me think of that line from Legally Blonde Red, White and Blonde when she gives the homeless man money and says "What would this world be if we didn't help each other out every once in a while?" I am not one of those people that gives twenty dollars to every homeless person I see.. I would go broke. Instead I like to think what can I do to help them with out giving them money for booze, although maybe they need a little, or drugs. So I walked up to the man he wouldn't make eye contact with me as if he were ashamed, those people strolling out with their happy meals and big macs made him feel this way, I stood right in front of him till he looked up to me with sad eyes. I asked him "Sir, what can I get you to eat? Anything you want off the menu." He looked so grateful that someone would actually give him the time of day let alone want to buy him a meal. I got him his meal then handed it to him and said "Happy Memorial day, Thank YOU for serving my country." We all have different beliefs on how we choose to go about homeless, but c'mon people, on Memorial day for a war vet, you can spare 4 dollars for a meal and if you can't you CAN spare a smile and a Happy Memorial day.

Happy Memorial day to all the men and women who have fought, fallen or are still fighting for our country. You do things that are beyond thought for me so that I can have all things I have and the freedom to have them. Thank YOU ALL for serving the U.S.A. I am proud to be an American.

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  1. I'm always so proud of you .. and this is only one of the reasons.. you are such a good and caring person...I wish more people were like you.