Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Design on a "dime"

As of last month we are now homeowners! I was so afraid to take this step into adulthood, this meant no more running home to my parents and hide under covers in my old room and take myself back. This far we have had an awesome time creating a "love nest" of our own. Taking time to specially design every inch of our house and it is all OURS. Although we have had our arguments disagreements about what goes where and what is "too bachelor" and what is "too girly". We have finally started to combine our two styles and created one! Zach has been annoyed patient with me and my wanting to DIY everything because I want it MY way. Working at a hardware store and all my pinterest boards are deadly but have paid off! I am excited to share a few little aspects of my house.. Hope you enjoy.. 

Our first pictures at our new house

I had to add this picture, our first night our chicken "Pollo" sat on our window seal, she truly thinks she is a dog

So this was really easy to make, and was about 15 dollars worth of supplies to put this all together!

This side table I got for 10 dollars at the goodwill and painted it right up and changed the knobs! 

This is a chest I got for 15 dollars on a craigslist type site, it was yucky and had scratches all over it and it was brown. (Paint it seriously amazing, it gives furniture a second life! )

My wine rack, which I've posted about before. Love this thing with hand-me-down furniture! (Did I mention stain is amazing too!) 

These curtains, I had a vision of chevron curtains, since I couldn't find the ones I wanted why not DIY some? Easy peasy! Drop cloth which cost about 5 dollars and a few cans of spray paint! My favorite part of my house that I have DIY.  

And this I made about a year ago. It was an entry piece but since it doesn't fit in my new house why not as outdoor art?! Looks great right outside my front door! This was just an old door and old shutters! Perfect, fun project! Especially since I love old doors! 

That is just a look into my new house, starting to get things into place and finally decorating slowly! I will post more as I keep doing projects! I am so excited to share!